“Lighthouse’s adaptions of classic works are as compelling and artistically successful as any of the productions of my own Lookingglass Theatre Company. I have been impressed that they have found a successful balance between creating sophisticated yet age-appropriate scripts that lead to engaging, entertaining productions that challenge the young and old.”
— David Kersnar, Artistic Director Emeritus + Founding Ensemble Member, Lookingglass Theatre Company
“The genius in Lighthouse’s adaptations allows the story to fully bloom through dialogue and action that engages and challenges young performers.  Works like Antigone, The Odyssey, and Treasure Island, to name a few, are difficult stories to tackle. But they are presented here with clarity and focus, which translates into a compelling and absorbing theatre experience for performers and audiences alike.”
— Tom Sollers, High school theater director for 16 years + MA Theatre Northwestern, AEA
“Lighthouse Plays has a dual mission: to create exciting, smart theater, and to serve the development of young people through performance. Their original adaptations of canonical literature achieve both ends: the adaptations are whip smart through and through, capturing the essence of the original narratives, while bringing just enough (but not too much) humor and contemporary flair to hook young performers and audiences, while simultaneously challenging them to work from their highest possible intelligence. The adaptations thrillingly work on many levels, appealing to intergenerational audiences, who can each engage with the work from their respective points of view. These adaptations most certainly are not for children (they could easily be done by adult companies), they’re simply versatile enough to include them, implicitly inviting them into a world of grown-up intellectual curiosity.”
— Daniel Cantor, Associate Professor of Theater, University of Michigan